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Principal: Yolanda Venter

Grade Levels: R-12


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Our Mission & Vision

Amiato – Loving Amiable Family, building relationships and support.

A Word From Our Principal

My heart desire was always to be a mom. When I became a mom something inside of me came into existence.

I knew I was called to see children being touched by life that flows through me. I have been busy with children`s development for 23 years (2019). My children became Amiato. The passion and skills I invested in them taught me how to deal with the challenges that most kids battle with. My husband, my children they made me who I am. Each child whose life I touched made me who I am. To work is not a work, it is a passion driving me to love your child unconditionally. To touch their lives, to touch your life and to see life.

– Yolanda Venter


38 Hubert Mathew Road

Illiondale – Johannesburg

School Hours

M-T: 8am – 2pm
Weekends & Fridays: Closed

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Tel: 011  524 0335
Cell: 072 406 3107




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Location: 38 Hubert Mathew Road Illiondale

Telephone: 011 524 0335

Cell: 072 406 3107


School Hours: M-T: 8am – 2pm